Thursday, March 15, 2012

the once-ler

the only thing I enjoyed about the lorax was The Once-ler , because Ed Helm's has a great voice that warrants many great expressions.

Other then that I couldn't enjoy the movie much. I dont understand how there were people so sequestered they didn't know trees help clean the air even tho the whole story/flash back/ trees being chopped down was still in recent memory? Enter one random girl who knows about the word photosynthesis and its like a magical word that no one has heard of before to the point where the 'bad guy' accuses her of lying.

Im not a big fan of movies who have so many characters that I dont sympathize with any of them.

But I did love the Once'lers design and expressions.


  1. oh and the fact that the only reason the kid was interested in trees was for the girl!

  2. one could argue that although his first intentions were a little shallow he came to realize how important they were - but that's what could be ARGUED anyway...I didnt really see him or really any of the characters as anything other then 1 dementional